Happy Carnival!

JFC-JEMBER FASHION CARNAVAL is pioneer of Indonesian modern carnival representing Indonesia to reach third position in “International Carnival de Victoria 2016” held on Seychelles-Africa after NottingHill
(USA) and (Reunion) France.

Beside that, JFC was also be successful in acquiring best achievement for Indonesia in many worldwide prestigious competitions, such as:
• Best National Costume Miss International 2014 di Tokyo, in Japan
• Best National Costume Miss Tourism International 2016, in Malaysia
• Best National Costume Miss Universe 2014 in Florida, USA

As socio tourism-culture organization and part Of Calendar Of Event Wonderful Indonesia, JFC would like to contribute for peace amongs Indonesia and other countries around the world.

As an annual World’s Class Fashion Carnival in Jember, we are planning to have our 1st virtual World Kids Carnival 2020 (WKC 2020) as the initiator of first virtual WKC in the world.

Through Ministry of Tourisms and Creative Economy we hope the synergy may fully connecting international parties to collaborate and convince other countries due to virtual WKC 2020 that owned universal
vision and mission for all kids around the world.

Beside that, JFC believe that synergy may explore contents Of “creative
building” to be implemented in virtual WKC 2020.

More Information : Proposal JFC_WKC2020-General.pdf