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Dynand Fariz Centre
Gunung Batu Permai Blok. A No. 1 B Jember
Telp. 0331 – 321000
Fax. 0331 – 321001
E – mail: jfc@jemberfashioncarnaval.com
Website: www.jemberfashioncarnaval.com
Contact Person: Iwan ( 08155927290 ) ; Hendy ( 08123455679 )


Sunday, August 5th, 2007 – JFC (Jember Fashion Carnaval) is entering its 6th – Year Anniversary with the vision of Jember as “The World Fashion Carnival” City. JFC is not only projected to be Jember’s priceless possession, but also Indonesia’s and world’s; with this year’s occurring theme “Save our World”, identified / symbolized by humans, animals, plants, water, and imagination.

With the concept of 4 E’s (Education, Entertainment, Exhibition, and Economic Benefit), around 450 participants comprising of high school, college student students and public are obtaining free in-house training which includes training in Fashion Runway, Fashion Dance, Dance, Singing, Fashion Trend, Make-Up & Hair Style, Accessories, Presenter/Broadcasting Skills, Majorette, & Event Organizer.

The Uniqueness of JFC are (of many): / JFC stands out because:
1.JFC participants are not designer, models or dancer – yet they design and model their own costumes / collections. The carnival will be executed on the 3.6 km catwalk with Fashion Runway, Fashion Dance and Defile Formation.
2.Various competitions are held for Best Costume, Unique Costume, Best Performance, Best Accessories, Best Make-Up & Hair Style, Best Dancer, Best Singer, and Best Presenter, as the highest JFC award along with other given award.
3.Each year the theme change according to world fashion trend tendencies.
4.JFC is an outdoor Fashion Show and are always highly anticipated & witnessed by more than 1450 thousand spectators from all walks of life – truly an event look forward to..
5.JFC is the Fashion Show with the longest catwalk in the world.

“Save Our World” would be presented into 8 (eight) following defiles:

1.Borneo (Opening Defile “Welcome to Indonesia”).
The exotic charm of nature, culture and its tribe, bringing out Borneo community – threatened by extinction and annihilation as the downside / downfall of the human race development. JFC calls out to all to preserve the environment and to reclaime Borneo’s image as one of Indonesia’s strong indigenous cultures.
Convicts waiting for death sentence / on death row are pictured as ‘a cry for real justice to be prevailed/to be served’ – this is a message for our justice system and mechanisms to tread them with proper manner based on human rights as civilians.
Adaptating horrific / hideous creatures of the food chain – telling all not to exploit / oppress the weaker ones.
Blue-collar workers (mine workers) are presented in costumes to highlight the importance of safety issues at workplace and not to destroy the ‘core’ of the earth anymore than the mining companies have already done.
Especially the endangered species in Amazon – the effort to spread word out in term of preservation of the wild and the breeding of rare animals / species on earth.
6.Chinese Opera
Opera show of original Chinese culture is being played out. The strong story, costumes, and characters inspire JFC to bring it come to life by fashion carnival concept.
The world desperately needs wise leader who speaks for the best interest of the people. This thought is realized by Japanese crime – fighting cartoons and animation movies in search of truth.
The earth is rapidly damaged / ruined by toxic waste and the inconvenient global warming which are very hazardous to our life and health. The negative effects can be minimized / reduced by recycling used things / organic or non-organic garbage for efficiency causes.

We would like to express our deepest gratitude from the bottom of our hearts to all the parties who have greatly supported & collaborated with us (Bandung International Congress, Culture Parade at Istana Negara, Bali Fashion Week, and Kutai Kartanegara Parade) intimately throughout the years and making this event ‘an epic proportion’ – none of JFC’s accomplishments could have been achieved without you!





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